The deadline for my e-book anthology has passed – submissions are now closed.

Thank you, once again, to everybody who has shared a story.

Every one of them is unique and amazing.

I apologise for the recent silence.  Every so often my life over-rules my intentions and things get away from me.  I’m looking forward to being a little more organised this week.

I hope you’ve got good things ahead of you this week, too.

Nearly time…

It’s the fourth of August in this little corner of the world – which means there’s eleven days left for you to add your story to the mix!

I am sooo excited about how my anthology is toddling along.  All the stories are playing so nicely together – it’s almost as if they were meant to be next to each other.

There is still a couple of gaps, though.

Do you have a story that might fit?

Kelly Matsuura

The next author I have to introduce is Kelly Matsuura.  Kelly has written a fabulous story about home sickness and culture shock, and here’s what she has to say about herself:

I graduated from Victoria University in Australia with a Bachelor of Arts/Asian Studies degree. After my year in China I moved to Japan, where I met my husband and now live permanently in Nagoya, Aichi.

My interests include studying languages, travel, knitting, Japanese cooking and writing fiction.

Kelly has been helping me collect stories for this project, mostly by encouraging closet writers to add their voice.

Are you feeling shy about joining in?  I promise we don’t bite!

Ellie Di

Hello story-people!

Here’s our first author bio – the beautiful Ellie Di.

Ellie Di is a headologist, spiritual nomad, life investigator, and professional pompom shaker.  She spends her ever-busy days helping people awesomeize their lives, writing inspiring personal stories, mind-melding with the internet, and straight-up hustlin’ in pursuit of The Big Dream.

You can find her at Apples and Porsches or The Headologist, or her tweets at Ellie_Di.

Personally, I think anybody who can quote Terry Pratchett in their job description is worth checking out – don’t you?

In the beginning…

Hello again!

The story project is starting to move – I’ve got some amazing, awe-inspiring, gobsmacking stories to share!  Each submission  has sunk deep into me.  They are all magic, but all completely different.

I’m not even sure how that’s possible, but I’m not going to start questioning it now.

Starting on Wednesday, I’m going to start posting a little about my amazing authors.

Just enough to get you curious – or maybe inspired?

There’s plenty of room for more stories, so don’t be shy : )


Welcome to the Hold On Tight Story Project.  I know it looks a little bare in here right now, but we’ll be moving in soon, with lots of story goodness.

Thank you for visiting!